Pre-Purchase Inspections

Floridian Property Inspections provides full, comprehensive inspections for the purchaser of a residential or commercial property.

Our process for a pre-purchase inspection is distinct from many others.

Our inspectors are equipped with hi-tech tools that can detect problems that even the trained eye would not find. Flir thermal imaging guns are used at every inspection to scan the walls and ceiling for any water or moister found behind the visible areas. This is included in our package on all standard inspection as a courtesy.

All exterior components of the property are checked such as driveways, exterior walls, trees, sprinklers, pools, and any cosmetics to the structure. Interior components such as the air conditioning unit, plumbing, structural, appliances, electrical, attic, and all cosmetics are inspected as well.

We are very thorough with in our process, ensuring that our customer is well-guarded against future issues.

South Florida construction has common issues that we have mastered indentifying; Miami Dade and Broward County also have the hardest building codes to abide by. The fact that we are in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), having a reliable and knowledgeable home inspector guarding your purchase is key.

In combination with your pre-purchase inspection, we can also perform your wind mitigation inspection and 4-pt inspection for your insurance needs while onsite, saving you money on the total inspection cost!

All types of inspections can be added to a pre-purchase inspection such as mold, lead, asbestos, termite, etc. All prices vary due to size, location, and packages.

Call us or email us today and take the first step in earning piece of mind on your purchase.

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